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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

support the fuzzy ones :)

Dear Florida Animal Advocates,

We all know that pet overpopulation causes needless animal pain and suffering. Homeless animals are forced to live in fear and scrounge for food and water, do not receive medical care, and almost always lead short, difficult lives. Florida’s shelters are inundated with too many animals to adopt out, and euthanasia rates are higher than any of us can tolerate. Part of the solution to this problem is to increase spay and neuter efforts statewide.

Now pending in the Florida General Assembly, Senate Bill 2372 and House Bill 1221 would allow counties to raise the surcharge (from $5 to $15) they impose on those who violate local animal control ordinances. This additional money will be used by counties to finance their spay/neuter efforts.

By reducing the number of accidental litters born in Florida, we will prevent animal suffering as well as lessen the financial burden on the state’s public and private animal shelters. The best part is that this is not a tax, so it will not take money out of your pockets or the state’s budget!

What You Can Do
Please urge your elected officials to support SB 2372 and HB 1221 and move them quickly through the legislative process. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center today to email your state senator and representative.

Thank you for supporting the ASPCA and Florida’s animals.

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