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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I (heart) Grey's Anatomy

Grey's anatomy - greys-anatomy wallpaper

So its been a while since I've seen this show and being sick and stuck at home trying to get better, I had some time today to watch it. Of course I have to watch the saddest episode ever!!!! I was crying like a baby. I tried to put the part in from you tube, the episode is called "crash into me". There was an accident with two ambulance at the hospital and one of the paramedics is dying and they call his wife who happens to work at the hospital and she comes out to say good bye. OMG its heart breaking. I guess I took it to heart working in the public safety world and I also remember crying one night when someone I knew went back on the road and I was so worried about them and just wanted them to come home safely. The episode that follows and finishes that story is called "lay your hands on me". Both sad episodes so make sure you have tissue's handy!



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