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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bad blogger....

i know i know im such a bad blogger this summer! Seriously I can't even begin to tell you all the fun cool things going on here. So I came up with a little list!!!

  • I got a car...yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a 2008 Jetta Passat and I love it.
  • I am in school during the summer, omg twice a week and at least 2 chapters a day! I have officially decided not to take summer classes again!
  • My cousin is having a baby! If you didn't know I am an only child and my 2 cousin are pretty much it! So she is like a big sister but more annoying (jk).
  • I've been working on doing more kits and online classes yay!
  • There is some new things going on with the business too!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I can't spill the beans just yet.
  • I had a delayed flight and no luggage on my way home from CHA Summer Chicago! Plus I came home to no AC!!!!!!!!!

Thats all for now, I have not scrapped in a while at least not personal stuff hehe. I dreamed about my big scanner and haven't even used it yet. After next tuesday things will be so much better I can't wait for this summer class to be over! I have to drive over 40 miles to just get to the campus ahh! Hope all is well.

Happy Art Making :-D

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  1. Thanks for the update girl! A new car??? Awesome! Can't wait to hear your exciting news about your business. :)