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Friday, April 18, 2008


ohh trying to take pictures of my art work with kitties around, well the two can clash sometimes and this is what happens.....but who wouldn't love this fluffy face!



thanks everyone for stopping by and seeing me at my recent make n takes!!! Guess what else? I have the entire next week off, I am so excited my plan to just scrap like crazy and work on 2008. Since I dont have any photos from before that it should work out good and I have been using my new photos! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out, so if anyone is having a scrapbooking event or wants to pop on over and scrap with me let me know!!!


  1. Wahahhaahaha.. how fun.. that's excactely what my doggies do too!! When I'm having a layout laying on the ground.. they even sit ON it.. whahahahaha!! Thanks for sharing girlie and enjoy your week! XOXOXOXX

  2. these are adorable!