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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Doodling with Jenna

Doodling with Jenna

Today when I got jenna at school we had some extra time since ben had

chess club. So we decided to draw with the markers, well jenna mostly

directed while I made the drawing. Jenna did draw the big butterfly in

the sky :) The tree on the right has grapes and oranges and the tree

on the left has strawberries.

Well in a couple of hours I will be on a plane headed to Cali. But not

without a pit stop in LA, then its off to Anaheim. Yes, I will be

going to Disney too!!!!! I dont come back till Feb 14, but no worries

I will posting while I am there!!!

So enjoy a drawing by miss kathy and jenna below.

Happy Art Making


  1. Have a great and safe trip to Cali girlie!!! (I'm so jealous.. hehe..) Can't wait to hear all about it!! XOXO

  2. hey, enjoy your trip!! and your cutie is talented!! love her butterfly!! ;))

  3. aww, what a cute drawing! I hope you have LOTS of fun!!