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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

{ Cali }

so here I am at cali, here is the little break down before cha, note to self: i am still getting used to the time zone.

  • my flight was good got to watch 2 movies that are now my favorite - bee movie & sydney white

  • my places - PCH, malibu, mulla drive, rodeo drive, paper source, jack in the box

my break down at cha.

  • yay tons of fun, seeing old friends, wonderful & sweet comments about my art and my clothes :-)

Here are some photos: enjoy

happy art marking

Dsc00294 Dsc00361 Dsc00401


  1. We need to see pictures of the people and things that you saw!!! :-)

  2. Hey cutie!! I'm so jealous that you got to visit cool places while you were in Cali!! I was pretty impressed with all the palm trees lining the street in front of the conv. center :) LOL and the fact that we were a few blocks from Disney. Love your stuff! jw