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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Photo's

Img_6496_2 Here are some holiday pictures with the pets. We got everyone lots of toys. Eeyore did escape from the house and we couldn't find him for hours, of course I was so worried that I would lose my kitty on Christmas, but when we went to play with the big boys he ran back home :-) Then he got to enjoy his kitty nip! Sorry some of the pictures are sideways hehe. This year Tucker actually ripped open his presents it was so cute!!! Gigi is getting a special doggie bag when I decide on one so she just hung out and sat with us.


Img_6426Img_6362Img_6567 Img_6330 Img_6583  Img_6556_2 Img_6484_2


  1. Hey Kathy! These pictures are so cute. Hope you had a great Christmas.- Kelly

  2. Cute pics!!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!