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Friday, August 31, 2007

Saturday Scrapping Happenings...

Some photos to depict where I will be this Saturday....

it will be me and stacey hanging out at.....

this beautiful store called "whim so doodle".

I have yet to be there since they recently moved but the pictures are amazing and I know I won't be disappointed!!! I am so excited to help and hang with Stacey, also see some familiar faces :-D If you live in the area quickly pick up your phone and call them to sign up for one or both of Stacey's classes! And who doesn't want to play with there new stamps?!

Here are some important links so see more previews to whats happening....

Stacey's Blog

Whim So Doodle Blog

Cool New Junkitz Clear Stampz

These are the Dayz - Stacey's Class

Be You - Stacey's Class

1 comment:

  1. Now THAT is a beautiful store. oh my, I'm jealous, let's roadtrip! ;)