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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blog Means to me...

Well things are always in a whirl wind....but a none scrappy friend asked me "what a blog is?" so what is a blog? what does it mean to you? Spill the beans on your own i tag you!

A blog to me is a place to express yourself....say what you want and how you feel. You are entitled to do what you like....its all about "freedom of speech". If you don't like what someone says on there blog...DONT LOOK AT IT!!!!! You can't get upset over what someone say because then you'll be upset all the time because we all have different opinions.

Some favorite quotes from friends and ones i've come upon that i've liked :-D

"you can't please everyone, theres just too many people in the world to do that, so just please yourself" "be true to yourself" "gossip is the first form of flattery" "what you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth" "no one person has the right to rain on your dreams" "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" "in the middle of difficulty comes opportunity" "true friends stab you in the front" "you must do the thing you think you cannot do" "do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe & love as long as you live" "a good friend helps you up when you fall, a best friend laughs at you and trips you again" "i'de rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i am not" "its cool if you hate me, i'de be jealous too if i was you" "get over it" "who are you to judge the life i live? i know im not perfect and i dont live to be, but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean"

remember..... "don't let anyone tell you, your life is over"

By Aly
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  1. Man I love those quotes I had to copy and paste them to use in the future....
    I hope you are doing well at your new nanny position the pics of the kids are too cute.
    Boy sure is weird not having you around....keep in touch and oh thanks again for updating my blog background i love it now if i could just take the time to post and update it man me & Teddi havent posted in forever...hahahaha
    Hugs & Kisses

  2. AMEN SISTER!!! I especially love the quote, "if you don't like what someone is saying, then don't read it!" LOVE these! :)