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Thursday, November 2, 2006

its late...

I should be typing instructions, but of course not I am poking around the internet and no one is on to chit chat with. I finished the mini album I was working on, which is good. Tomorrow will be a day of running around like a crazy nut. I am taking an online class and need to get some supplies. Ok I dont "need" too, but I want some different things :-) I found the cutest pictures of me in billy (my dog) in the car driving down the dirt road I live on. I cant wait to scrapbook those. I moved my laptop and printer to my bed room and I love it here way better than in the scrapbook/living room. Plus I leave on saturday for tampa/st. petersburg with my mom and a friend. So excited their coming with me to this Scrapbook Event! Ok I am about to pass out, I need to get started on these directions. :-)

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