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Saturday, August 26, 2006

leaving orlando...

whoa I can't belive SDV is already over. I had so much fun teaching and meeting some great new people. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came and took my Junkitz Classes. Also to thank Scrapbook Central for sponsoring the "Junk Bag" prize in each of my classes. Everyone at the Disney Yacht Club was super nice and so helpful. Lets just say that hotel is huge and someone personally escorted me to the sandwhich place, and while cropping in my room they brought me an extra table! Now thats service. I will try and post some pictures from SDV and more layouts :-) I am still a little new to this whole typepad thing. Well it will probably be my turn to drive soon. (yes I love my sprint internet card, I am online in the car!) so I am off.


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  1. Your site is so cute, and I love that photo of you on the skateboard....Totally AWESOME!!! see you at work. :)