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Monday, August 31, 2009

Extra scraps...

I had these extra scraps from a layout I did...well to jump points for a second...I always use up the scraps to make cards!! So these scraps of paper were screaming thanksgiving tone to me, so I made some Thanksgiving cards & I haven't even worked on my Halloween cards ewk!!! The big turkey is from quickutz so cool. I also watercolored the fluffy the cat stamp :)

So what do you do with your scraps? Have you made any of your holiday cards yet? I am working on a project can't wait to show you!!! The power went out today boo!! It always rains in the afternoon here. I also got new wires for my braces no fun and beyond painful. But I'm doing better and also loving my new schedule!!! 4 off 3 on. How great is that?! Hope everyone had a great Monday.

Happy Happy,

Kathy Extra scraps...

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  1. what a great idea to make thanksgiving cards! :)