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Monday, May 11, 2009

Catch Up....

Well it has been super crazy here.....

School: My ethics, research and women in cj classes are over yay. The semster went over really fast. I did have a lot of papers which took up most of my time :-) I got 2 A's and a B. I was super happy with my grades. I start my summer classes tomorrow. I am taking domestic violence and seriel homicide. Exciting stuff right? I do have to go to a farther campus they are cutting the number of classes they offer at each campus :-P. Thankfully its close to work so I just go straight there.

Scrapbooking: I have actually been on a scrapbook layout kick. You can check out my Flickr I have them all there :-) I will upload some of my favorites on the next post. A few friends even came over on National Scrapbook Day to hang and of course scrapbook. I think I finally have my room all set, I know can you believe it?! Since I've been working in there I will have to clean up first before I take some snapshots lol.

Life: I am fostering a german shepard, he is such a cutie!!! I think we have found him a good home. It is tuff, you want whats good for him but you will miss them when they leave. A picture of him is below, isnt he a cutie?!!! Guess what else? I donated my hair to locks of love, you can also see my new dew in the picture below. I donated 12" at first I missed my hair but it is alot easier to maintain it hehe.


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