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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Midnight flight

Here we go... Well almost hehe. I'm leaving the Capitol of California, Sacramento! The show was good :) this will be the first time we leave on a midnight flight omg never again! LOL. I was good at the show and only got 2 dies from the sizzix ppl the entire booth was 50% off :-o I know, one was a hello die and the other this Halloween owl which I am going to use for my halloween cards. The idea just came to me, I can't wait to actually make them. The airport here is so super tiny! Ohh I ate a lot more solid foods this weekend but my mouth seems to be a little achky today :( well I'm off (now you here the I'm leaving on a jetplane song) hehe :-) if u haven't noticed I love icon smiley faces!!!!!!!!!!!!Midnight flight

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