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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vegas in a few snapshots....

I had tons of fun in vegas!!! Here are the pictures to prove, don't let anyone tell you that all work brings no play hehe. enjoy!!! Don't worry I will post my layouts soon hehe. Paper Jam Studio has its own booth at the Rubber Stamp Roundup. We went to a local scrapbook store one of my favorites! The coke store and we all shared a yummy cup of coke and made silly faces while drinking it! Then to the m&m store yay candy and lots of choclate more like heaven hehe! I bought a flower container with different color m&m's and keep them at my desk to munch on while I scrapbook! We also saw phantom my all time favorite play! Look its pink slide show!


  1. great slide show! hey! I'm opening another store! Thought youd get a kick out of that

  2. Oh such great pictures. Glad you had a great time in Vegas. Love your pink border frame too. :)