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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Catch up....

Whoa its been so long since I've posted I feel like such a bad scrapbooker :-(

So here are some pages to make up ;)


If you've had a chance to pick up the latest issue of this Scrapbook Trends......Go to pg 40 and you'll see my album in the "one amazing album". I was seriously so excited to get asked to have my book in there!!! My little cousin patrick was so excited too see his face on all those pages, he is like "ohh thats me". I even gave him a copy to use for show in tell in class :-)

thats all for now, some more exciting news in the works but i'll save that for the next post! And I promise it won't be a long time before the next post :D Ohh gigi is doing much better, thank you for all the nice emails and phone call. She is definitly spoiled and totally loved. My grandpa did go to the hospital but is doing much better. I was in Orlando this past weekend and if you live in the area you have to go to "Cafe TuTu Tange" and " Don Pablos" they are the best and coolest places ever to eat! I left TuTu with 2 more paintings to complete my set they are so cute I couldn't say no.


  1. Oooww... congrats on your pub girlie!! How awesome is that! I can imagine that your little cousing was so proud to see his face in there!!! How cute!!! Hope you're doing ok!! XOXO

  2. Congrats on being published! That is so exciting and awesome!!! I will definately have to check that out! :-)

  3. yeah, congrats on your pub!! you're so talented!!
    and good to hear that gigi is doing much better!!
    have a nice weekend!!

  4. i was so happy for you when i got my issue and saw you in it!