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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Owly ....

Ok so instead of snapping a picture of the new goodies I have purchased, I thought "why not use the supplies?" Here it first doodle turned painting!!!! Hope you enjoy :-) The paintings title is "OWLY". Like my new shirt? I normally hate tank tops but I fell in love with it at the store.

On another note our external hard drive, which holds ALL our photos is not working!!!! I am hoping, no wait: praying that it can be fixed, so now I am just waiting, wanting and having time to scrap! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Owly3_3 Owly2 Owly1_2


  1. Oh wow, how cute is he?! Love it!
    My MIL collects owls. She has them all over the place. Maybe I should make her one?! LOL!

  2. CUTE owl! I'm just jealous you can wear a tank top right now!