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Friday, September 14, 2007

Silly Billy, Baby Billy, All Billy....

Photo of Billy, a male Chow Chow/Mutt

If you could keep this cute guy in your prayes and thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. Billy has been having trouble seeing and at 530am today he had a seziour, we took him straight to the doctors and they think he had a stroke :-( He is still at the vet's to do test, I am definilty worried, its so hard for us to know much about Billy because he was a stray the neighbors moved away and left him behind of course we welcomed him to our house and now is a part of the family. He did eat his breakfast, drink and go potty so thats a good sign. He is just a little freaked out because obiviously he can't see, he sat close to me the entire car ride and I gave him lots huggies. I will keep you all posted, I have to call back at noon to check on him. Thanks a bunchies :-)

Billy also has a dogster page :-) You don't have to sign in to leave any dog a treat!!!!!!

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