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Monday, August 27, 2007

My Scrapbook Room...

well I am excited to say that my scrapbook room is 97% completed. I am so excited, I love my new space. When I say space I totally mean it, theres more space, enough space to even have a friend come over and play in the room with me. It probably doesn't look like alot but when you come in its totally different. So here are some snapshot for your viewing pleasure :-) Yes the coffee table is still in there but corby (the orange kitty) is enjoying it and loves to lay on it and scratch everyone that walks by! Ohh yeah I also got that MM Embellishment Shelf, its great. I hung it up all by myself :-D The Die Cut/Stamp table still needs handles but I cant pick there's too many because I want to paint or add something to the table.Img_5323_3



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