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Monday, August 13, 2007

My New Job...

Today is my official day to start my new job....can you guess what i'll be....a doctor? no....a burger flipper? no.....I will be a NANNY!!!!!!! The kids are 4 and 10. I pick them up from school, we play, bathtime and dinner. Its definitly the perfect job for me. Its only during the week and from about 3pm-6pm, its great for me to be able to focus on my scrapbooking obligations, school and taking care of my babies!

Here is a picture of Jenna and Ben, last week we went to Playmobile. I have never been there but it was lots of fun, its just like the toys but huge versions and all of there toys everywhere. They love arts and crafts too! Today I printed pictures from the Playmobile and we are going to make a scrapbook!!!!!!!!!!!!


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