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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

CHA pictures...

ok so here they are pictures from cha, i know your thinking "what thats it". But the camera was dying so I couldn't take too many and I didnt have the rebel charger with me. I just posted my favorites from my journey! The only one not from CHA is the one of me and trudy, I spotted her at downtown disney! Trudy Sigurdson wrote my favorite book for Memory Makers called "embellished emotions", if you don't have it I would run to your lss and pick it up! On the way back home, you'll never guess who was in the same plane as me....Carmen Electra! The one time I don't get bumped up to first class :-P. I did get to scrapbook on the way back home, I made 4 pages. They are simple but I wanted to get started on the book and I cant lug around my entire scrapbook room! I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. CHA was great! so much to see and the covention center was huge. We got to see so many amazing things but the most amazing thing of all was you. Can't wait for all the new things, Love Jon

  2. What great photos! I'm so jealous you were there...oh and how about that comment from your man.....Saaaweeeeeeet!!! :)