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Friday, January 5, 2007

the art of hiding...

a gift card! I created this card for my secret santa girl. I thought this was such a cute idea of hiding the gift card on the actual card. So now you can make giving gift cards a whole new game. The person I gave it too said it took her a little while to find it hehe! This is how I did it, when I went to go get the gift card, I looked for one that could be easily replicated, simple shapes or designs. The flowers were screaming my name. I just matched the colors and cut some flowers and circles attached to the card and ta da. Just make sure when your adhere the gift card down that you only use removable glue and dont cover any of the bar codes or magnetic stripe :-). Can you figure out where the gift card is from? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a safe new year! hugs kathy


1 comment:

  1. I already used my gift card I bought a shelf for my scraproom I have to take pictures so you can see it!!! Thanks so much Secret Santa